Monday, January 9, 2012

makita phone charger

well I am at it again hacking my tools to do the things that the
manufacturer didn't think I would want

this would be my simple 5v power supply from a 18v Makita battery really any battery over 7
volts will do so the lxt 14.4v will fit right on as well

I decided to build this as when using my blue tooth headphones on the job
my phone has a rather short batter life listing to streaming radio
over my blue tooth headset just uses to many of the power hungry parts
of any phone for it to last mush over 4 hours

so I find I plug my phone in often or I forfeit music if power is not close at hand
this gives me a portable power source that is small compact I can hang from my tool belt

and i suspect my 18v 3ah batteries should have plenty of runtime to keep my phone
happy all day

in the following pics you can see my crude assembly
once I get my reprap printer built I will make a nicer
case of for this for now the base of a broken drill seems to work fine
it after all a hack and it had a little tape and hot glue to make
a genuine hack

but as you can see in the first pic there
is a small board with a 5v switching power supply
and the battery connector from the bottom off the drill
comes out separately which should make printing a new
base for this with the reprap easier

in this pic you can see my butchered drill grip/handle
that is my case

this is the schematic and parts for the power supply
on the little tiny board in there this thing can apparently
produce up to 3 amps at 5v but I suspect I will be melting the hot glue at that point

and this is it almost together
the scavenged usb socket has the 2 data pins shorted for charging my android phones
but you could easily add a couple of resistors for your i pod

future upgrades will be a power switch (currently you just pull the battery) a second usb port to run other items such as a spreaker or some thing

so I am taking it with me to the job site tomorrow I'll post back some runtime info
and use details in the next few days

and other than the scavenged drill handle and usb socket

the power supply parts and the per-fa board cost less than $5